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All about transnational crimes 

Transnational Crimes


All crimes that have potential effect on other countries is considered as a transnational crime. Crimes that offend the basic values of the international community are considered as transnational crimes as well.  Many would think about international crimes, and consider transnational as just another fancy word for international crimes, but that is not true.

International crimes are the crimes that cross borders between two or more countries.  On the other hand transnational crimes are crimes that are done within one nation but they can have impact on other countries ( many of these crimes have connection to cross-border transference ). There are many kinds of transnational crimes, and some examples are human trafficking, smuggling ( trafficking ) of goods ( weapons, drugs are included, but goods that are smuggled may be normal, legal items ), terrorism activities and so on.

There is a high number ( and it is increasing on rapid scale ) of transnational crimes which have impact on quite a few other countries. Countries that have been a place of conflict and that are full of poor people ( made so in a war ) and countries whose government was upturned. In those countries government isn’t stable enough to enforce the law, or it is simple matter of bribery, and due to that those countries are hives of criminals and crimes that escalate and become transnational crimes. Click here for more info.

Drug trafficking and human trafficking are two biggest problems in countries like that, terrorism is also present in moderate amount and computer crimes are normal ( due to the lack of laws that fight against them ). Central authorities of every state are responsible for all legal assistance regarding transnational crimes.

To prevent  transnational crimes there has to be international cooperation, only through that this kind of crime can be shutdown. There are many mechanisms that nations developed to aid in the fight against transnational crimes, and most important mechanisms are extradition, mutual legal assistance and lawful removal.  Apart from these mechanisms that serve to return the fugitives there are mechanisms for requesting data about fugitives that will be used for investigations against people of interest and prosecutions if it comes to that.

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