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About International Criminal Law 

Posted by on Dec 29, 2015 in International Criminal Law | Comments Off on About International Criminal Law 

International Criminal Law

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International criminal law is responsible for punishing international criminals, and stopping atrocities from happening through laws and height of punishment.  The best advice you will receive from more info. There are four core crimes this law covers, genocide, crimes against humanity, war crimes and crime of aggression ( there are some crimes against this law but they do not fall under the jurisdiction of  international criminal law. International criminal law is focused on individuals rather than nations ( like common international law ), and it carries throughout the sanctions imposed on that individual by certain state. The sources of this law are coming from international law, but consequences of it are on individual level.

Historically looking  first try at the international court practice was created after WW1, but the person who was to be tried gained asylum, and it was abolished. First real international court was created to try criminals of WW2 in Europe. Other courts came after that.


International criminal law is not the branch of law for itself, but it is a subset of the international law. That means that sources of international law are also sources of international criminal law. Criminal attorney denver could explain you international criminal law.

Crown-CourtsWars are bad things, and only way to satisfy the justice and punish all war criminals and in many cases government system of those countries are not capable to go through with those trial, due to some factors ( there are many factors that decide whether the law and the courts of the country are capable to carry out the trial, some of them are instability of the country, big influence and strong connections that some offenders have that might influence the trial and so on ). That is why the existence of the international criminal law and its courts is important. All war criminals can be taken to the trial without the fear of bribe or intimidation.

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