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Offense type in Criminal Law

Criminal Law

When we talk about types of offenses in criminal law then we can recognize four main types of offenses plus absolute liability.


Unlawful killing, or simply known as murder is a fatal offense. This is the most common act that is processed by the criminal law.  There are few kinds of murder, and they are divided by the severity, murders by degrees, and it is based on intent. To commit a murder the offender has to show malice, and if there is an absence of malice then that killing is known as manslaughter.  Recklessness is the most attenuated intent which is the element of involuntary manslaughter.

Criminal law is focused on protection of people, especially their bodies. All forms of battery are punished by criminal law, but everyday contacts and knocks from the crowd are not included. But any form of creation of fear from the battery is considered as an assault and it gives a rise to criminal liability. The worst form of battery, nonconsensual intercourse is punished severely in all jurisdictions, apart from sharia law and is some cases in India law system as well.


Every property that is legal is protected  by the law – criminal law. Thus all crimes against property are punished by criminal law. Trespassing is one of the most common forms of property offenses. It represents an entry to the property of another person without their consent which is against law. Every form of property deprivation ( theft, conversion, embezzlement ) have penalties that follow them. There are other forms of property deprivation and all of them carry different severity in the form of punishment. Most notable are robbery, which is a theft that is done by force and fraud which represents false representation  or abuse of position.


A criminal doesn’t have to be the one to do the criminal act, there are those criminals that aid them and those kind of crimes fall under participatory offenses. There are many forms of participatory offenses but most known are, conspiracy, attempt and aiding. Every person that helps an offender in an act may be considered as accomplice. For more information about criminal law you should check Los angeles Criminal lawyer.

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